This talk is the third in a series that review what are termed the “Divine Abidings”.  The first talk is entitled “Reviewing the Brahma Viharas”, and the second “Manifesting Equanimity”–both can be found in the archive.  Lovingkindness is an over-arching contemplation, as the contemplations focusing on Compassion and Sympathetic Joy emerge from the cultivation of Lovingkindness.  During the talk, the traditional understandings of this practice are reviewed, with additional support from contemporary research commentaries regarding the neurological underpinnings of the contemplation, which changes the way the brain and body function, particularly the beneficial effects of the practice that enhances what is called “vagal tone”, a high level of functioning for the important neural link between the heart and the brain.  The emotional potency of sincere repetition of the lovingkindness mantra is also described.

There is an accompanying “Guided Lovingkindness Contemplation” found in the archives.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Cultivating Lovingkindness

The topic for next week’s review will focus on cultivating Compassion.