In this talk, part of the series “How Do You Want To Live?”, the focus is on how prevalent addiction is in American culture, especially if “behavioral addictions” involving the internet, gambling, overeating, etc., are included.  During the talk, the correlation between the Buddhist craving and clinging concept and contemporary scientific understanding of how the brain operates “addictively” is emphasized, and how the effects that practicing mindfulness of breathing meditation can be of great benefit in overcoming addiction.  The 11th step of the recovery oriented 12 steps, such as found in Alcoholics Anonymous, involving daily meditation and prayer, is correlated with basic mindfulness meditation practices.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  BUDDHISM AND ADDICTION NOTES

The focus for the next talk will focus on any broadly unbeneficial effects of consumerism as a follow-up to this talk, and how Buddhist principles and practices can contribute to building a more adaptive and spiritual lifestyle.