This talk continues a review of the Four Noble Truths with a focus on the first of the Virtue Aggregates contained within the Fourth Noble Truth, Right Speech.  In addition to the traditional rendering of Right Speech, Peter adds his insights as a psychotherapist regarding how our internal “selfing story” has a defining function in one’s personality and view of the world.  Suggestions are provided to foster mindful investigation of and effective transformation of self-talk to produce liberation from dukkha, that is, distress and confusion regarding oneself in relation to the world.  This self-analysis is very important for successfully negotiating the significant impact of contemporary media and disinformation.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Reviewing Right Speech In These Trying Times

The topic for next week’s talk will focus on Right Action, the next of the three elements of the Virtue Aggregate, and will include comments that reflect contemporary views regarding how mindfulness, investigation and Right Effort can be applied to current life circumstances.