This talk reviews the Awakening Factors Joy and Tranquility.  The understanding of the review is that the first three Awakening Factors, Mindfulness, Investigation Of Mental Phenomena and Energy/Effort/Persistence, which were reviewed during the talk of October 5, 2022, support the development of the remaining Awakening Factors. The traditional understanding of these two factors is reviewed, along with some of the contemporary research on the nervous system that validates Buddhist concepts.  Their development creates the conditions in the mind that bring clarity and a quality of regulation to the actions of the sympathetic nervous system, which energizes the mind and body, expressed as the Awakening Factor of Joy.  The parasympathetic nervous system calms the mind and body, and is the Awakening Factor of Tranquility.  As the Awakening Factors mature, these two systems are dynamically integrated and balanced.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  The Seven Awakening Factors—Part 2

The focus of the next talk will be a review of the remaining Awakening Factors, Concentration/Unification and Equanimity/Balance, which function to coordinate and balance the other five Awakening Factors.