It is our custom to provide an opportunity for anyone who recently completed a significant retreat to reflect upon their experience, because “thinking out loud” about it helps integrate their insights.  Lezlie has practiced Ashtanga Yoga for decades and is certified to teach yoga.  She recently completed a one-week retreat that integrated yoga, longevity practices, and mindfulness meditation.  She reviewed the characteristics of the site and organization of the retreat, which emphasized the importance of using breath awareness while practicing hatha yoga, as well as during other daily activities.  She also reviewed Ashtanga Yoga, which  uses “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” as a primary resource for study, and this discourse has significant parallels to the conceptual structures associated with Buddhism,  Her review was followed by questions from those participating in the meeting.

The topic for next week’s talk will review the association between what is called “emotional intelligence”, (The ability to cultivate self-awareness and self-discipline to more fully realize one’s social, professional and spiritual development) and the application of mindfulness and Right Effort.