Cultivating Critical Analysis

Critical analysis is often termed critical thinking, and is a very important skill to cultivate in this era, as we are constantly bombarded with manipulative advertising and political “spin”.  In the Buddhist conceptual structure, one of the 7 factors for awakening is called dhammavicaya, that is, the intentional, mindful investigation of mental phenomena.  This talk describes how the practice of intentionally and mindfully investigating the changing sensations of breathing matures into the ability to critically analyze how the mind creates an internal narrative in response to external circumstances, and then determine whether the narrative fosters a benevolent and effective response.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk: BUDDHISM AND CRITICAL ANALYSIS  During the talk, Peter quoted parts of the Kalama Sutta, which focuses on the Buddha’s description of the value of critical analysis to support the process of awakening.  Here is that sutta:  Kalama Sutta