A Different View Of Rebirth Part 2 December 12 2018

This is the second of two consecutive talks exploring how the Buddhist concept of rebirth can be applied to the necessity for individuals and cultures to “reinvent” personal and societal identities while adapting to the radically transformative and stressful conditions of the current era.  Peter reviewed the various interlocking conditions of the environment, politics/governance, workplace transformation and other circumstances that humanity will be confronted with over the next several generations.  The cultivation of mindfulness, kindness and compassion will support the personal adaptations necessary to grow past a consumerist value system and to overcome the increasing sociocultural divisiveness that are evident in current worldwide greed, hatred and ignorance.  As history demonstrates, the changes that individuals experience will also affect larger sociocultural norms that are more suitable for future generations.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  A Different View Of Rebirth Part 2

Peter will be on his annual two-week end of year retreat self-retreat in the cottage where the Sangha meets to meditate, so there will be no postings until after the first Wednesday of 2019, January 2nd.  The topic for that talk will be a review of the retreat experience.  Whenever there has been a significant retreat for members of the Sangha, they are offered the opportunity to “think out loud” about the experience, as this recounting tends to clarify and integrate whatever learning may have occurred during the retreat.  It is also hoped that others will be inspired to go to a residential retreat through this sort of event.