Andy Quinn’s Post-Retreat Report February 10, 2021

It is customary for our Sangha to provide opportunities for those who have completed a residential retreat to have the opportunity to share their experience, as this integrates what they learned for themselves and offers inspiration for those not on retreat to further their practice with a residential retreat.  Andy Quinn is the founding teacher of the Lakeland Insight Meditation Group and has been on dozens of retreats.  He completed a two-week self-retreat recently and shared his experience with those participating in the meeting.  During the talk, Andy spoke favorably of the value of Analayo’s book “Mindfulness of Breathing” as a resource during the retreat to guide his practice.

Next week’s talk will resume a review of the history of Buddhism, focusing on how the various Buddhist traditions entered into American culture over the last century.  The intention of this review is to create a cultural context regarding the creative mixing of various Oriental traditions within contemporary American Buddhism, which will be reviewed during the next few talks.