Overcoming Comparing Mind

During this talk, the lojong mind training commitment “Don’t aim to win” was related to the Theravaden concept of “comparing mind”, that is, the tendency in this culture to emphasize competition and material acquisition, with the achievement of “Awakening” as the prize.  Peter explored the Zen concept of the “Gateless Gate” as pointing to the experience of awakening as a process, not a thing that can be owned.  The ongoing practice of mindfulness meditation is just that, practice, and not a test.  During the ensuing discussion, several comments by the participants talked of how important it is to just practice being mindfully present, during formal meditation practice or otherwise.  Setting up awakening as a measurable, substantial thing is a fundamental misperception of the process.

Here are the notes accompanying this talk:   Overcoming Comparing Mind

Next week’s topic will combine three lojong training commitments:  “Don’t revert to magic”, “Don’t reduce a god to a demon” and “Don’t seek pain as a component of happiness”.