The Universal Unwholesome Cetasikas August 19, 2020

Of the 52 Cetasikas, categories of mind conditioning factors, there are 14 that create the experience of distress and confusion that we call dukkha.  This talk reviews the first four of these categories: Delusion/Ignorance, Shamelessness (The absence of shame or remorse about identifying a self that is not virtuous), Recklessness (Disregard for the negative karmic results of shameful thoughts and behaviors) and Restlessness (Persistent agitation and instability of attention).  These cetasikas are present at every moment in the experience of dukkha, shaping a self-organization process that is distressed and confused.  During the talk Peter reviews each of these cetasikas and suggests how mindfulness of breathing meditation is a primary antidote for them.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Universal Unwholesome Cetasikas

Here is the chart that lists all of the cetasikas, for reference:  CETASIKAS POSTER

Next week’s talk will review the next four unwholesome cetasikas: Greed/Desire, Wrong View, Conceit and Aversion/Ill-Will.