The Virtuous Cetasikas

This talk focused on the mind conditioners associated with virtue, that is, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Compassion and Sympathetic Joy.  The maturing of the wholesome cetasikas presents the virtues of the Noble Eightfold Path as being organized through the shift from being virtuous “because I’m supposed to” towards virtue manifesting “effortlessly” and authentically.  As the wholesome functions of the mind become more effective, the natural expression of compassion and sympathetic joy/generosity emerges, associated with Right Speech, Action and Livelihood.  The explanation was followed by interested participation by those at the meeting in reflecting on how these manifestations are realized through regular, diligent mindfulness meditation practice.

Next week’s talk will finalize the discussion of the cetasikas with a review of Right Understanding.  The approach will be similar in describing the association between increasing the functionality of the wholesome cetasikas to make Right Understanding realized, that is, to be understood experientially as well as conceptually–an important realization on the path towards Awakening.