How To Change Your Mind December 2, 2020

This talk reviews the key Buddhist concept of paticca sammuppada, typically translated as dependent origination.  During the talk, Peter explains an alternative understanding he developed, contingent provisional emergence, using terms that are hopefully more useful for contemporary Buddhist practitioners.  Paticca sammuppada has 12 elements, which are individually reviewed during the talk, emphasizing their non-linear, co-creative function in creating on a moment-by-moment basis the subjective self we all experience.  Specific focus is placed on the interactions between feeling and craving/clinging as the target for wise attention in order to change one’s karma, bringing relief from dukkha–distress and confusion.  This review is followed by comments from those participating in the Zoom meeting.  There is an accompanying guided meditation for this talk: “Guided Changing Your Mind Meditation”, posted in the archive.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Contingent Provisional Emergence

The focus for next week’s talk is a review of the process of Awakening.