The Energy Awakening Factor June 5 2019

This talk reviews one of the most important of the Seven Awakening Factors, Viriya (veer-yah).  It is also found in several of the many categories of Buddhist psychology: as Right Effort, as one of the Five Powers (overcoming the Hindrances) and of the Five Faculties (empowering the other Awakening Factors).  Peter used the term Energy/Effort in describing this quality, suggesting it manifests as the effort to channel the energy flowing through the mind.  It combines with the Awakening Factors of Mindfulness and Investigation of Mental Phenomena to direct the energy of attention; this coordination produces the other Awakening Factors of Joy, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity (topics to be covered in future talks).  He also described different levels of effort, using his terminology: Initiating Effort, Sustaining Effort and Fulfilling Effort, relating these three to mindfulness of breathing practice.  He also included adhitthana, strong determination, as another level of applied effort.  This was followed by discussion among those attending regarding the application of Energy/Effort.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  ENERGY AWAKENING FACTOR

Next week’s talk will focus on the Awakening Factor of Piti, usually translated as Joy