Overcoming Aversion And Ill Will June 20 2018

This is the second talk exploring the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness, specifically focused on identifying and overcoming the Five Hindrances.  The talk described how Byapada, (Aversion and Ill Will) come to be and how the practice of mindfulness of breathing, or, alternatively, metta (lovingkindness) practices counter the contraction and rigidity in the mind created by Byapada.  This description was followed by general discussion of how to overcome Byapada.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  OVERCOMING AVERSION AND ILL

Next week’s discussion will focus on the overcoming the hindrance of Sloth and Torpor.


Understanding The Five Hindrances May 30 2018

This is the first of a series of talks about panca nivarana, the five hindrances described in the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness.  In this talk, Peter described how an initial stimulus is transformed into a hindrance through craving and clinging.  A “seed moment” of stimulation is dynamically organized into a selfing process that hinders the creativity and adaptive capabilities of the mind. He described how the panca indriya, the five faculties of Buddhist psychology, provide a an influence that counters the hindrances.  This was followed by discussion of how these concepts are realized through the practice of mindfulness of breathing meditation.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE FIVE HINDRANCES

The topic for next week’s discussion is the hindrance of sensual desire.