How To Change Your Karma

This is the second presentation regarding the processes that create dukkha.  The talk recorded on February 14, 2024 reviewed the characteristics of craving and clinging.  This talk provides a review of a key concept of Buddhist psychology, paticca samuppada, translated as dependent origination.  Peter explains how ignorance and unwholesome karmic influences generate craving and clinging with an extensive description of the 12 links of what he calls contingent provisional emergence, a more contemporary understanding of paticca samuppada.  The talk includes ways to investigate the dependent origination link called “feeling” in ways that produce wholesome karmic results.  The review is followed by several follow-up questions from those participating in the talk.

It is recommended that those listening to the talk read the extensive notes and graphic illustration that accompanies the talk:  HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KARMA

This talk was preceded by this recording: “Guided Dependent Origination Contemplation”, which is posted in the archives for this site.

The next scheduled Dharma talk will provide a review of the Third Noble Truth, liberation from dukkha.