The Banyan Deer

Judy looks at various “lists” within Buddhism, particularly the 5 precepts and the 10 Paramitas, and examines them within the context of the Jataka tale “The Banyan Deer”.

Judy’s Jataka Tale number 72

The Jataka Tales are Buddhist teachings on ethics in the form of a story.  They’re quite numerous, and have been retold over the centuries in different cultures.  Judy told the story of the Elephant King (except she renamed the main character “The Elephant Queen”).  In this story, the insatiable quality of greed was contrasted with the total surrender to compassion and generosity on the part of  the Elephant Queen.


Introducing The Teacher’s Mentoring Group

Following on last week’s dialogue, the Teacher’s Mentoring Group, which has been meeting weekly for several months, introduced themselves and provided comments about their current studies of Buddhist principles and practices.  These individuals’ commitments to their spiritual path warrants the opportunity to share what they’ve gained from the practice.  Peter commented on the reality that each generation must revisit and make real in their own lived experience the wisdom that the Buddha’s teachings offered, and that his teaching over the last 20 years or so played a significant role in deepening his practice.  These teachers, with Peter’s support, will be offering dhamma dialogues off and on during the summer, and will be delivering the dhamma talks while he’s away on his three month retreat this Fall.  Next week, Kitty will lead a dialogue about how essential regular sitting practice has been for her spiritual development, and the week after that Rose will facilitate exploring the value of taking refuge, especially as related to Sangha.