Fifth Night: Awakening Factors

During this second discussion of the seven awakening factors, more emphasis was placed on the integrative function of the factors and how this process transitions from personality integration to spiritual transcendence.  As the “demons” of the hindrances are starved of attention, more free energy is channeled intentionally to nurturing the “angels” of loving-kindness, compassion, generosity, empathic joy and insights about the three characteristics of impermanence, non-self, and the inevitable results of craving and clinging, that is, distress.  This talk also includes the enthusiastic question and answer session that followed.

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Cultivating Metta for Ourselves

Tim explores the cultivation of metta, loving-kindness, for ourselves. The practice of metta meditation can provide a greater resilience against self-afflicting emotions, a sense of ease and happiness, and a foundation for selflessly loving others.

(We’re aware that comments are difficult to hear in this recording. We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with the microphone, which we’re working to fix.)