The Unwholesome Mind Conditioners February 20 2019

Every moment that the mind is afflicted with dukkha some combination of Unwholesome Mind Conditioners is cooperating to produce distress (emotional upheaval–from desire to hatred) and confusion (not understanding impermanence and the absence of an enduring and autonomous self as a result of craving and clinging).  This discussion describes the elements of the Unwholesome Mind Conditioners in more detail.  Mindfulness of breathing meditation cultivates the Wholesome Mind Conditioners that manifest through vipassana practice and counter the frequency, severity and endurance of dukkha.  This was followed by discussion to clarify how mindfulness of breathing practice actually contradicts the activation of dukkha.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE-UNWHOLESOME-MIND-CONDITIONERS

There will not be a posting of next week’s meeting on February 27th, as Peter and the recording equipment will be at a one week retreat with Shaila Catherine in Tampa with many of the local Sangha.  A senior member of the Orlando Zen Center, Robert Lockridge, will give a talk entitled “Dae ja, Dae bi (Great Love, Great Compassion)-Zen and the Bodhisattva Ideal”.

The week following that, on March 6, those who attended the Shaila Catherine retreat will have an opportunity to “think out loud” about the benefits of the retreat, the topic of which is overcoming distraction.