Reviewing The Virtue Mind Conditioners September 23, 2020

This talk reviews the two Universal Wholesome Cetasikas that are always present in every moment of consciousness unaffected by dukkha/distress and confusion, hiri (moral shame) and ottappa (fear of consequences).  Hiri functions as conscience and is associated with the Wisdom factor of Right Intention within the Noble Eightfold Path and manifests as Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood.  Ottappa represents clear awareness of the law of karma/cause and effect, in that one’s experiences are shaped by moral character and that there are immediate personal and social consequences as a result of actions taken.  Each cetasika is reviewed in depth and the function of diligent mindfulness of breathing meditation practice to note the emergence of the moral characteristics of a moment of selfing and then practice either interrupting unwholesome self-states or facilitating wholesome self-states.  This is followed by discussion among those participating in the Zoom meeting.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  The Virtue Cetasikas

Next week’s topic will review the next two cetasikas, non-attachment and non-aversion.