Occasional Cetasikas Review August 12, 2020

This talk reviews the section of the cetasikas (categories of mind conditioning factors) that are termed “occasional” or “particular”, in that they may or may not accompany other mind conditioning factors in the transient formation of a self.  As with the preceding talk on August 5 on the Universal Cetasikas, these mind conditioning factors are ethically malleable, that is, they can accompany either wholesome or unwholesome cetasikas in the process of self-formation.  The factors are moving attention to an object, sustaining that attention (The topic of the guided meditation that immediately preceded this talk and which can be found in the archives as “Guided Aiming And Sustaining Attention Meditation), determination, energy, enthusiasm and will-to-do.  Each of these factors were reviewed as to their characteristics and how they interact with other cetasikas.  The talk was followed by a question and answer discussion.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk: THE OCCASIONAL CETASIKAS

As an added resource, here is the chart that includes the entire 2 cetasikas:  CETASIKAS POSTER

Next week the topic will begin a review of the unwholesome cetasikas.