Cultivating Wholesome Emergent Self States

This talk follows on the preceding exploration of paticca sammupada, traditionally translated as dependent origination, a foundational concept of Buddhist liberation practices.  During the previous talk, the organization of the 12 elements of the process of “selfing” was described, using non-linear terms.  This talk reviewed the 12 elements, emphasizing how clear awareness of the transition from unprocessed sensory data through the mental conditioners to the misperception of an enduring, separate self can be resolved.  The resolution emerges through mindful, non-reactive awareness of feelings and perceptions as just phenomena, not constituting an enduring self.  During the discussion period, two levels of awakening were described: personal/psychological, and ultimate/spiritual.

Those interested in further study of this talk should go to the prior talk entitled “How Selfing Operates August 24 2016 and download the two .doc files on paticca sammupada and cetasikas.

Next week’s discussion will begin to elaborate understanding regarding the cetasikas, the categories withing which personal karmic potential are organized, with an emphasis on how this understanding can support the process of awakening.