Reviewing The Stages Of Insight

This talk reviews a system developed over several centuries after the life of the Buddha that describes various levels of conscious awareness that can be experienced during the process of Awakening.  The Progressions of Insight, as they are often called, begin with developing an ethically integrated lifestyle and the cultivation of the basic skills of mindfulness, investigation and Right Effort.  As the development of the process matures, insights of an increasingly subtle and profound nature are experienced that validate the Buddhist foundational concepts of impermanence (anicca), the distress and confusion that results from craving and clinging (dukkha), and the absence of an enduring and autonomous self (anatta).  The final goal of this progression is direct experience of Nirvana (the ultimately unconditioned state of mind).

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  STAGES OF AWAKENING


Stages Of Awakening

During this talk, Peter described satta visuddhi, the stages of awakening developed to provide “markers” of spiritual attainment after the time of the historical Buddha.  Beginning with fulfilling the precepts and setting aside the effects of the hindrances, the cultivation of the seven factors of awakening and vipassana reveals the three characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and non-self at deeper and deeper levels of awareness.  The realization of these different stages develops gradually and progressively, eventually leading to the experience of nibbana (nirvana).

Here are the accompanying notes:   STAGES OF AWAKENING

Next week’s discussion will focus on the various understandings of the unconditioned from the Buddhist perspective.