Dukkha As Anxiety August 14 2019

This talk focuses on the arguably epidemic levels of anxiety Americans experience in these stressful times and what mindfulness of breathing meditation can offer as a way to manage the increasingly complex and uncertain aspects of contemporary life.  Peter has implemented mindfulness strategies as a mental health professional to help clients cope with various anxiety disorders for over thirty years.  The emphasis on the talk is on the correlation between the Buddhist concept of craving and the feelings of impulsive reactivity characteristic of anxiety disorders.  Even though the core of Buddhist practice seeks liberation from the fundamental dukkha of life, modern research and clinical practice demonstrates the effectiveness of mindfulness and lovingkindness practices for overcoming anxiety as well as depression.  The discussion was followed by discussion of how participants experience anxiety and how regular meditation practice has been beneficial.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Dukkha As Anxiety

Next week’s discussion will focus on Dukkha as Depression.