Four Tetrads And Four Foundations Talk

This recording follows the Guided Four Tetrads And Four Foundations Meditation recording posted just prior to this posting.  During the talk, Peter reviewed the 16 stanzas/four tetrads of the Anapanasati Sutta, explaining that the first three tetrads focus on the cultivation of samadhi/passadhi (concentration and tranquility), primarily through using the first and second foundations of mindfulness (mindfulness of the breath/body and mindfulness of feelings) to set aside the five hindrances to samadhi/passadhi.  The fourth tetrad involves the cultivation of vipassana, that is, the direct knowledge of impermanence, which, along with samadhi/passadhi, develops dispassion, liberation from craving/clinging and letting go of the misperception of a secure, enduring self.

Guided Four Tetrads And Four Foundations Meditation

This is the second of two training meditations, presented with the intention to nurture the integration of the 16 stanzas of the Anapanasati Sutta (mindfulness of breathing discourse) with the Satipatthana Sutta (four foundations of mindfulness discourse.  The first recording associated the first two tetrads of the four with the first two foundations of mindfulness, and this completes the covering of the process.

This post will be followed with the talk that occurred after the meditation.