2019 Shaila Catherine Retreat Report March 6 2019

Our community has a tradition allowing folks who attended a significant retreat to “think out loud” about the experience among others who have some idea of the issues discussed, in order to consolidate and clarify the benefits gained and to share their insights with others who have not been on retreat, perhaps inspiring them to consider a retreat.  Eight of the thirty-five who attended the retreat were at this meeting and reported their insights and how this has affected their daily life since the retreat.

The retreat was organized thematically around two suttas of the Pali Canon.  Here are the copies the retreatants worked with:  Two Sorts of Thinking MN 19  The Relaxation of Thoughts Vitakkasaṇṭhāna Sutta

The retreat experience was very much appreciated by all who attended.  Shaila commented during the retreat on the sincere and well-informed commitments of those participating in the retreat.  Additionally, Peter reported arrangements have been made for the next retreat at the Franciscan Center in Tampa to be led by Shaila Catherine from December 7-13, 2020.  The theme of the retreat is yet to be determined.

Next week’s discussion will resume investigation of the Anapanasati Sutta, the Mindfulness of Breathing Discourse.  The focus will be on the section of the Sutta that regards “calming the mind conditioners”, and will specifically explore the Universal Wholesome Cetasikas, those conditioners that coordinate to form every moment of consciousness that is liberated from dukkha, that is, distress and confusion.