Beautiful Pairs Of Mind Conditioners March 20 2019

This talk highlights the beneficial results of mindfulness of breathing meditation in terms of increasing the functionality of the cetasikas, translated as mind conditioners.  The Wholesome Cetasikas, combined with the Universal and Occasional Cetasikas provide support for the manifestation of what are called the Six Beautiful Pairs as the interaction of the above-mentioned mind conditioners are reflected in consciousness.  For example, the first pairing is Tranquility of Mind Conditioners and Tranquility of Consciousness.  Peter reviewed the pairs, adding material downloaded from Shaila Catherine’s “Wisdom Wide And Deep” that expresses traditional commentaries on these mind conditioners.  Peter suggested that during a one week residential retreat, participants can become aware of an increasing degree of functioning of attention and heightened sensitivity to what arises in consciousness through diligent and persistent practice of mindfulness of breathing–the Six Beautiful Pairs.

This talk includes extensive exploratory discussion among those attending to clarify the concepts and associated meditation practices that manifest these mind conditioners.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  The Six Beautiful Pairs

Next week’s talk will focus on the remaining six mind conditioners.