2018 Deerhaven Fourth Night Talk: The Selfing Process

During this talk, Peter described the self as a process, selfing, a verb rather than a noun.  During the talk, the Mind System Model developed by Culadasa in his book “The Mind Illuminated”, was drawn on to help understand how different functions in the brain operate autonomously as “sub-minds” in processing ongoing experience, producing the ongoing process of self-organization and self-dissolution that is blended into the stream of consciousness, experienced as “myself”.  The process of Awakening involves the practice of vipassana to investigate this selfing dynamic and “deconstruct” the misperception of an enduring and autonomous self.  This was followed by questions and discussion of the day’s meditation practice and the evening talk.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE SELFING PROCESS


Peter’s 2016 Year End Retreat Review

We provide an opportunity for those in the Orlando Insight meditation community who have recently completed a residential meditation retreat a chance to “think out loud” about their experience.  Research suggests that much of what happens on retreats impacts the mind’s function outside conscious awareness; talking about the retreat integrates the learned experience into conscious awareness, making it more accessible in an ongoing way.  It also provides insights and inspiration for others, perhaps motivating commitments to attend a residential retreat.

Peter spent the last two weeks of 2016 meditating in the cottage in his back yard, which is where the Orlando Insight Meditation Group meets.  During this retreat and his preceding retreat at the end of 2015, he used the 10 stage progression of practice described in “The Mind Illuminated”, and this provided the framework for this discussion.

Here are the notes prepared for the talk:  Peters-2016-year-end-retreat-1  During the next few weeks, Peter will discuss in more depth the progression described in the book.  It is hoped that this will provide support for those attending the upcoming one week Deerhaven retreat February 12-19, as well as for daily meditation practice.  Peter is also recommending that those attending the retreat consider purchasing “The Mind Illuminated” as a preparatory reference tool.

Additionally, Peter created a cushioning arrangement for long sitting periods on the chairs provided for the retreat.  Here are the notes and photos of the arrangement:  CHAIR CUSHION DHARMA