Overcoming Dullness And Doubt September 9, 2020

This talk reviews the last of the Unwholesome Cetasikas, those mind conditioners that are associated with dukkha, distress and confusion.  The three reviewed here are sloth, torpor and doubt.  Sloth and Torpor, among the five hindrances, conditions the mind towards dullness, drowsiness and inattention.  Peter reviews the characteristics of these conditioners and how they can be investigated and set aside.  Doubt is another of the five hindrances, typically rendered as skeptical doubt.  This manifests as indecisiveness, mental immobility, and is the opposite of the first of the Universal Wholesome Conditioners, which will be one of the cetasikas reviewed during the next talk, along with mindfulness.  The talk is followed by extensive discussion among those participating in the Zoom meeting regarding these cetasikas.  A part of the conversation includes a overview about the potential for the upcoming retreat with Shaila Catherine, scheduled for December 5-12 at the Franciscan Center in Tampa; there is discussion regarding how the retreat might be conducted in a safe manner, provided that the pandemic conditions are not strongly impacting regional social conditions.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Overcoming Dullness And Doubt

Next week will begin reviews of the Universal Wholesome Cetasikas, those factors that participate in the conditioning of each moment of self-experience that is free from Dukkha, distress and confusion.