Review of Body Scan Meditation Practice March 3, 2021

This talk reviews a practice Peter learned from attending several retreats that followed the teaching of S. N. Goenka that he called vedanupassana, mindfulness of feelings.  During the talk the history of this form of “dry vipassana” is reviewed and Peter describes how he applies this sort of mindfulness meditation practice on a daily basis.  The talk is followed by general discussion among those participating.  There is an accompanying guided meditation recorded just prior to this talk entitled “Guided Body Scan Meditation”.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk, including URL coding for accessing other guided body scan meditations recorded by Peter and by Ayya Khema:  S N Goenka Body Scan Notes

Next week’s topic for review will be the cultivation of jhana as taught by the Pa Auk Sayadaw, the teacher of Shaila Catherine, who has led previous retreats produced by the Orlando Insight Meditation Group.