Setting Aside Skeptical Doubt May 13 2020

During this talk, Peter described the nature of one of the Five Hindrances, vicikiccha, translated as skeptical doubt.  This hindrance interferes with the ability to cultivate confidence in the principles and practices of Buddhism, either by doubting the concepts or one’s ability to master the practices involved.  During the talk various tactics for understanding, investigating and setting aside skeptical doubt were reviewed.  The review was followed by discussion among those participating in the Zoom meeting about the topic.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Setting Aside Skeptical Doubt

Next week’s practice will review another category of concepts and practices found in the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness, the Six Sense Bases.


Overcoming Skeptical Doubt July 11 2018

This is the last of a series of talks focusing on how to identify and overcome the five hindrances.  Skeptical doubt is the quality of indecisiveness regarding whether one’s understanding and practice of Buddhism is accurate or actually working.  The antidote for skeptical doubt is confidence tempered by investigation of how the mind is creating subjective reality.  This confidence is fostered by study of Buddhist teachings and commentaries, but must be confirmed by one’s own direct experience, otherwise the confidence may be due to craving and clinging to erroneous perceptions and beliefs.  Rigorous daily practice of mindfulness of breathing meditation provides the necessary elements of internal inquiry to overcome doubt.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  OVERCOMING SKEPTICAL DOUBT

Next week’s talk will focus on what the teachings of the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness provide for understanding the Five Aggregates that provide a functional selfing process.