Setting Aside Sloth And Torpor

This is the third of five talks about the hindrances.  In this week’s dialogue, Peter talked of sloth and torpor as a dysregulation of energy in the mind and body.  If the system is too tranquil, dullness, drowsiness and lethargy arise; if the system is too activated, the hindrance of restlessness and worry arise.

At this point, he described 3 strategies for setting aside sloth and torpor: mindful noting of the first signs of dullness, ways to intervene in the development of sloth and torpor, and ways to minimize the likelihood that sloth and torpor will recur.  After explaining the concepts, Peter talked of his own recent experience of lethargy related to being ill with shingles.  Following this there was more dialogue involving others who were present.  Peter will be in a two week self-retreat from May 9 to May 23.  There will be no more dhamma dialogue postings until May 28, when he will report on his retreat experience.