This talk continues a review of what are called the cetasikas, which operate like filters during the process of self-formation, producing either wholesome or unwholesome self-state organizations.  The primary focus of attention and discussion during the talk are those cetasikas that form wholesome self-states.  There is particular attention given to the “Six Beautiful Pairs” of cetasikas that operate to produce the extraordinary qualities of attention, such as tranquility, lightness, pliancy, wieldiness, proficiency and uprightness in the mind that can be developed through persistent and skillful mindfulness of breathing meditation practice.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Buddhist Personality Theory Part Two

As was the case during the previous talk, here is a full listing of the 52 cetasikas:  CETASIKAS POSTER

The talk next week will begin a two-part review of the Seven Awakening Factors