One Step Back

Tim introduces the Chan/Zen concept of “one step back.” One step back is the place between “merging into” an object and running away from it, the place between reactivity and surpression. It’s the¬†place where we dynamically and mindfully encounter the world. Members of OIMG follow up with experiences within their own lives in which they’ve taken one step back.

Paddling Upstream

Kitty shares some thoughts on how we can relate to difficult times in our lives. She talks about how meditation practice can give us the stability that we need to make important changes or weather tough times.

The Banyan Deer

Judy looks at various “lists” within Buddhism, particularly the 5 precepts and the 10 Paramitas, and examines them within the context of the Jataka tale “The Banyan Deer”.

Cultivating Metta for Ourselves

Tim explores the cultivation of metta, loving-kindness, for ourselves. The practice of metta meditation can provide a greater resilience against self-afflicting emotions, a sense of ease and happiness, and a foundation for selflessly loving others.

(We’re aware that comments are difficult to hear in this recording. We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with the microphone, which we’re working to fix.)