Reviewing The Mind Conditioners–Part 2

This talk reviews the 14 Unwholesome Cetasikas, categories of mind conditioning functions that create dukkha, the distress and confusion that constitute the “default mode” of one’s personality.  The core functions are ignorance regarding karma, desire for pleasurable experience and aversion to unpleasant experience.  The talk begins with a quick review of the Universal and Particular Cetasikas (Reviewed during the talk of August 31, 2022), which are considered to be ethically malleable, that is, influenced by either Unwholesome or Wholesome Cetasikas.  The Unwholesome Cetasikas are driven by basic instinctual drives that are poorly investigated and poorly regulated without the training supported by the 25 Wholesome Mind Conditioners, especially Mindfulness, which provides relief from dukkha.  The Wholesome Mind Conditioners will be reviewed in upcoming talks.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Reviewing The Mind Conditioners–Part 2

The focus for the next talk will be on the first 7 of the 25 Wholesome Mind Conditioners.