Awakening With Gratitude November 21 2018

It is customary for the Orlando Insight Meditation Group meeting that occurs on Thanksgiving Eve to focus on gratitude.  This talk follows the recorded “Awakening Through Gratitude Meditation”, which is posted after this one.  During this discussion, Peter elaborated and clarified comments provided during the guided meditation, along with “Positive Psychology” research suggesting the benefits of routinely reflecting gratitude about one’s life experience.  This was followed by discussion among those attending the meeting.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Awakening Gratitude

In keeping with the tone of this season, the next meeting’s focus will be on the practice of generosity beyond materialistic considerations.


2016 Thanksgiving and Gratitude

It is customary for the Orlando Insight Meditation Group participants to reflect on the benefits of life revealed by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path, as our weekly meetings occur on Thanksgiving Eve.  This discussion has periods of reflective quiet time interspersed with comments about the practice of mindfulness and lovingkindness.

Next week’s talk will explore the benefits of Right Speech, Right Action, Compassion and the manifestation of Right Understanding.

The Benefits Of Gratitude

Since our meetings are on Wednesday nights, each year on the eve of Thanksgiving, the discussion is organized around the Buddhist view of gratitude.  Peter emphasized the interaction between generosity and gratitude, using examples from his own practice experience since 1982.  This was followed by sharing among the assembled people of their own experience of gratitude and how the practice of mindfulness supports that awareness.

Here are the notes prepared for the discussion:  THE BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE    Included in the notes are downloads from the website Greater Good-Science For A Better Life relating the multiple benefits of the intentional practice of reflective gratitude.

Next week’s discussion will resume the exploration of the lojong commitments with “Don’t put a horse’s load on a pony”, focusing on not taking on more than is workable.