The Value Of Generosity November 28 2018

During this talk, Peter described two applications of generosity: material and relational.  Different ascending levels of generosity were also explored: miserly, giving-to-get and selfless, along with how the development of mindfulness and lovingkindness naturally advances the level of generosity.  The following discussion used a worksheet to list valued possessions and then to investigate how contemplating giving them away would reveal the level of craving and clinging that could be discovered and released through the practice of generosity.

This was followed by a discussion of the worksheet with particular focus on how attached the self can be to objects that have little material value, but the memories associated with them become self-defining and therefore hard to relinquish.  Please consider using the worksheet to explore how attachment inflates the sense of self and diminishes the ability to be generous.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  The Benefits Of Generosity      Generosity Worksheet


The Benefits Of Generosity

This is the second of a series of talks exploring the Paramis, translated as the qualities of mind to be perfected during the awakening process.  The topic for this talk is dana, generosity.  Some references to how the Buddha’s teachings were reported, followed by contemporary research on the personal and social benefits of altruism.  This was followed by a discussion among those present about how generosity has been personally applied beneficially.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  The Benefits Of Generosity

The topic for next week’s discussion is the Parami of sila, the Pali term for virtue.