Investigating The Mind

One of the key factors involved in the process of Awakening is Dhamma Vicaya, translated as Investigation Of Mental Phenomena.  It is the second of the Seven Awakening Factors, and the cultivation of this factor is described in the Satipatthana Sutta, the Four Foundations Of Mindfulness Discourse.  Peter explained that the cultivation of this factor begins with the fundamental instructions for mindfulness of breathing practice, that is, intentionally bringing attention to the beginning of the inbreath (vitakka in Pali), then sustaining awareness for the duration of the inbreath (vicara ‘vee-chah-rah’, in Pali).  The development of this process continues as one notes the arising of a hindrance and redirects attention back to the breath.  When attention stabilizes on breath awareness unencumbered by the hindrances, the maturation of Dhamma Vicaya is attained, and this is a key element in the practice of vipassana, the goal of which is the liberation of the mind from dukkha.

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There is mention of the cetasikas in this talk, so the cetasikas chart is reposted here:  CETASIKAS POSTER