Reviewing the First Noble Truth

This talk reviews the characteristics of dukkha, traditionally translated to mean suffering or dissatisfaction.  The Buddha is understood to have described his mission to be understanding the nature of dukkha and the ways and means for overcoming it.  The three varieties of dukkha are described as well as ways skillful application of mindfulness, investigation and Right Effort will interrupt self-state organizations afflicted by dukkha.  The review also provides descriptions of three stages to be cultivated for providing relief from dukkha: conceptual understanding, skillful awareness & discipline, and finally direct realization of liberation.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Reviewing the First Noble Truth

Here is the URL for a guided contemplation of dukkha found in the archives of this website:

The topic for next week’s review is the Second Noble Truth, the cause of dukkha.


Stress Is To Be Understood

Peter began a dialogue that is expected to last several months on the Four Noble Truths as we understand them in the context of 21st century neuroscience and psychology.  He described the First Noble Truth as stress, and how stress manifests in our mind/body process.  He emphasized that the Truths are to first be understood conceptually, then practiced, and finally mastered.  The experience of stress is to be observed, not avoided, as it’s experienced in the body and the mind.

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