The Awakening Process

This talk summarizes the series of of explorations of Buddhist psychology with discussion about what are called “The Progressions of Insight”, which describe observable mental experiences that show progress in the the process of liberation from distress and confusion, known as dukkha.  The process culminates with the experience of nirvana, the unconditioned flow of experience.  This talk was followed by discussion about how these progressive insights can be realized through meditation practice integrated into daily life routines.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion:  THE AWAKENING PROCESS

Peter will be on retreat for the rest of December, so the next meeting will be January 4, 2017, at which time he will review what was beneficial for the awakening process.  During the time he on retreat, the recorded Dharma talks from the weeklong retreat in February of 2016 will be posted in sequential order.

May everyone enjoy a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Right Understanding And Wisdom

This is the last talk that focuses on the mind conditioners called the cetasikas.  The Topic is the last of the cetasikas, Right Understanding, frequently termed Wisdom.  The previous wholesome cetasikas were briefly reviewed to provide a conceptual context for understanding how wisdom matures as the wholesome mind conditioners are diligently practiced.  During the talk, Peter described a commentarial consideration, that the Noble Eightfold Path begins with conceptual understanding, then, through diligent meditation practice and integration into daily life routines, matures into what is termed the Noble Tenfold Path, adding Right Insight and Right Liberation.  This increased ability to cultivate wholesome self-state organizations makes the concepts real, that is, there is direct experiential awareness of the validity of the concepts.  This is the process of Awakening.  The explanation was followed by discussion during which the ways the people in the meeting realized “small “a” awakening, a gradual liberation from dukkha, that is, distress and confusion.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  the-realization-of-the-wisdom-cetasika

Next week’s discussion will explore the process of Awakening, referring to what are called “The contemplations of insight”.  That meeting will be the last of the calendar year, as Peter will begin his annual year-end 2 week self-retreat on December 16.