Sankhara the Self Maker

During this dhamma dialogue, Peter completed the exploration of the Five Aggregates, describing the function of sankhara, translated as the mind fabricator, the process of fabricating, and that which is fabricated.  This concept is related to the paticcasamuppada, usually translated as dependent origination, which will be the next topic explored.  This recording is accompanied by the notes prepared for the presentation.

Domestic Vipassana Practice

While Peter’s wife is away for a week, he decided to practice integrating mindfulness more thoroughly into daily life routines.  The primary changes included more meditation periods and more reading about Buddhist practices; otherwise, the routines were the same as before.  During the talk, he reviewed various ways to increase the application of mindfulness during the day: the cultivation of samadhi/passadhi (concentration and tranquility) as a buffer against impulsive reactivity, using body awareness to interrupt intrusive unnecessary thoughts, and simply reflecting “Is _______ really that important or valuable right now?”, focused on distractions and intrusive thoughts.  This was followed by dialogue with sangha members regarding ways to enhance daily practice of mindfulness.  Next week’s talk will focus on understanding what sankhara (mental conditioners) are, related to understanding one of the Five Aggregates of Clinging, sankharakkhanda.