Six Beautiful Pairs of Wholesome Mind Conditioners

The Six Beautiful Pairs of Wholesome Cetasikas represent the fulfillment of wholesomeness in the mind.  The integrated and unified functions of the Universal, Particular and seven Wholesome mind conditioning factors manifests as 12 integrated characteristics–six factors being among various aggregations of the wholesome factors and six representing their beneficial effects on consciousness.  The value of contemplating these mind conditioners comes from understanding the concepts involved, with emphasis on how to recognize them and unify their functioning to promote the process of Awakening.  During the talk, the relationship between these conditioners and the Seven Awakening Factors is clarified.


The topic for the next talk will be a review of the remaining mind conditioning factors, which represent direct realization of various elements of the Noble Eightfold Path.


Beautiful Pairs Of Mind Conditioners March 20 2019

This talk highlights the beneficial results of mindfulness of breathing meditation in terms of increasing the functionality of the cetasikas, translated as mind conditioners.  The Wholesome Cetasikas, combined with the Universal and Occasional Cetasikas provide support for the manifestation of what are called the Six Beautiful Pairs as the interaction of the above-mentioned mind conditioners are reflected in consciousness.  For example, the first pairing is Tranquility of Mind Conditioners and Tranquility of Consciousness.  Peter reviewed the pairs, adding material downloaded from Shaila Catherine’s “Wisdom Wide And Deep” that expresses traditional commentaries on these mind conditioners.  Peter suggested that during a one week residential retreat, participants can become aware of an increasing degree of functioning of attention and heightened sensitivity to what arises in consciousness through diligent and persistent practice of mindfulness of breathing–the Six Beautiful Pairs.

This talk includes extensive exploratory discussion among those attending to clarify the concepts and associated meditation practices that manifest these mind conditioners.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  The Six Beautiful Pairs

Next week’s talk will focus on the remaining six mind conditioners.


Six Pairs Of Wholesome Mind Conditioners

Continuing the exploration of the Wholesome Mind Conditioners that began with last week’s posting “The Universal Wholesome Mind Conditioners”, the twelve following cetasikas were listed as cooperative pairs–cetasikas, reflected in the mind: Tranquility of cetasikas and mind, Lightness of cetasikas and mind, Pliancy of cetasikas and mind, Wieldiness of cetasikas and mind, Proficiency of cetasikas and mind and Uprightness of cetasikas and mind.  These qualities of mental functioning develop with consistent practice of mindfulness of breathing, and become most effective when the mind is unaffected by the five hindrances.  Their development is essential for the effective practice of vipassana, insight into how the mind creates a meaningful sense of selfhood.

After describing the pairs, the assembled students discussed them, seeking clarification regarding their functioning, which is to promote the process of awakening beyond the level of functioning termed “good mental health”

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:   six-pairs-of-wholesome-cetasikas

Next week’s talk will describe how the Wholesome cetasikas foster the development of the Seven Awakening Factors: Mindfulness, Investigation of Mental Phenomena, Energy/Right Effort, Joy/Enthusiastic Interest, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity/Balance of Energy and Attention.

Universal Wholesome Cetasikas

During this talk, Peter describes the categories of mind-conditioning functions called cetasikas that are always operating when the mind is free from dukkha, that is, unburdened from the distress and confusion caused by craving and clinging.  The descriptions clarified the ways these cetasikas, particularly mindfulness, set aside the dysfunctional five hindrances.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion, including a graphic that illustrates the dynamic interactions of the wholesome conditioners involved in the practice of vipassana:  universal-wholesome-cetasikas

Next week’s discussion will focus on the “Beautiful Pairs” of cetasikas, that is the harmonious interactions between consciousness (citta) and cetasikas (Those conditioning functions that “belong to” the citta).  These functions are cultivated through diligent practice of mindfulness of breathing meditation, promoting a flow of subjective experience that is remarkably productive of insight into the nature of experienced reality.