Setting Aside Skeptical Doubt

This talk reviews the characteristics of the fifth of the Five Hindrances, Skeptical Doubt: doubt, uncertainty regarding action, along with hesitation and conflicted thoughts.  The talk also reviews the potential influence of skeptical doubt in reference to the other hindrances: doubt about the negative consequences of Sense Desire, about the harm of resistance and hostility that comes from Aversion and Ill-will, regarding the loss of mental clarity associated with Sloth and Torpor, or the disruption that results from Restlessness and Worry.  The talk includes various suggestions for setting aside Skeptical Doubt.  There is an accompanying recording posted: “Guided Skeptical Doubt Contemplation”, found in the archives.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Setting Aside Skeptical Doubt

The topic for next week is an overview of the next contemplation in the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness, the Five Aggregates of Clinging.