This talk provides a review of those mind conditioners, also called cetasikas, that cooperate to shape each moment of self experience that is not afflicted by dukkha–distress and confusion.  The talk also provides a description of how these wholesome factors integrate with the Universal Mind Conditioners and the Particular Mind Conditioners to provide a well-integrated personality and provide a basis for further developing the mind towards full Awakening.  The archives of this site also provide a recording: “Guided Universal Wholesome Mind Conditioners Meditation”.

Here are the notes provided for this talk:  UNIVERSAl WHOLESOME CETASIKAS

Here is a document that provides a list of all the cetasikas:  CETASIKAS POSTER

The focus of next week’s talk will be on what are termed the Six Beautiful Pairs of cetasikas, which, when manifested through diligent practice, noticeably enhance the quality of the mind.