Transforming Energy Into Awakening August 15 2018

This talk explores Viriya Bojjhanga, translated as the Energy Awakening Factor.  Peter quoted Daniel Siegel’s suggestion that “the mind… regulates the flow of energy and information”, that is, we are energy transforming organisms.  In Buddhist psychology, energy is related to Right Effort of the Eightfold Path, among other beneficial categories.  He suggested that the practice of mindfulness of breathing meditation channels energy away from unwholesome self-organizing processes and builds neural networks that are wholesome and mindfully channeling the energy of attention through the Seven Awakening Factors.  This was followed by general group discussion of how the practice of channeling energy through mindful Right Effort brings benefit.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Transforming Energy Into Awakening

Next week’s topic will focus on the Awakening Factor of Joy/Enthusiastic Interest.