The Occasional Mind Conditioners

Continuing the review of the 52 cetasikas, those factors that condition the formations of personality, the focus of this talk is on what are termed the Occasional or Particular Cetasikas.  These mind conditioning functions appear in most moments of self-organization, but may be absent or “disabled” when associated with certain unwholesome mind conditioning functions.  During the review, the interactions between the Occasional Cetasikas and the Universal Cetasikas is described, as these provide a foundational condition that can be aligned with either wholesome or unwholesome mind conditioning functions.  This talk was accompanied by a “Guided Mind Conditioner Contemplation”, recorded the same night and posted in the archives.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE OCCASIONAL MIND CONDITIONERS

For further review of the entire listing of the cetasikas, this document is:  CETASIKAS POSTER

Next week’s talk will review the Unwholesome cetasikas.