Cultivating The Wisdom Cetasika November 18, 2020

This talk reviews the final item on the list of the 52 cetasikas, the categories of factors that condition the process of self-organization in the mind, focusing on Panna (pahn-yah), the Wisdom cetasika.  Wisdom is the manifestation of the holistic coordination and integration of a large number of other cetasikas, which are enumerated in the attached notes as well as being verbally reviewed during the talk.  The review is intended to describe how the various mind conditioning factors interact to structure the sense of self and the important role highly developed insightful awareness plays in creating the conditions that mature from conceptual understanding of Wisdom to actual realization of the three characteristics: Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta.  The fundamental importance of Panna is reviewed as an element of the Noble Eightfold Path, a key element of the Buddhist way to spiritual Awakening.  An accompanying recording “Guided Cultivating Wisdom Meditation”, presented earlier in the evening, is intended to supplement this talk.

Here are the notes prepared for this review:    Realizing Wisdom

It is customary for our group to dedicate Thanksgiving Eve, which this year is November 25, to a review of the nature of gratitude as an important realization on the path to Awakening, and which is appropriate as the theme for Thanksgiving.


Guided Cultivating Wisdom Meditation

This training meditation provides support for realizing the potential of the Wisdom Cetasika–direct understanding of the experience of impermanence, non-self and dukkha.  During the practice, you are encouraged to persistently focus on the changing nature of breath sensation awareness as a foundational practice, through which the ability to notice how all subjective experience changes, in both the sensory and cognitive processes.  Additional suggestions invite investigating the transient and impersonal nature of how the mind fabricates self awareness.  This contemplation is intended to accompany the Dharma talk of the evening, “Cultivating The Wisdom Cetasika”.