The Concentration Awakening Factor September 5 2018

The Concentration Awakening Factor is also known as Right Concentration, a key element of the Noble Eightfold Path.  Peter described how this Awakening Factor coordinates with the Mindfulness, Investigation Of Mental Phenomena and Effort (Right Effort) Awakening Factors, making the emergence of the Awakening Factors of Joy and Tranquility develop to maturity.  Concentration manifests as Fixed Concentration and alternatively as Momentary Concentration, and the function of each was described. This explanation was followed by general discussion of how to cultivate this Awakening Factor and the benefits derived from that practice in daily life.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  CONCENTRATION AWAKENING FACTOR

Next week’s topic will be the Equanimity Awakening Factor, which functions to foster balance among the different factors.


Cultivating Samadhi and Passadhi

This dialogue is the first of two explorations of samma samadhi, right concentration.  Peter explained the terms samadhi and passadhi, and why he groups them together.  Six considerations were illustrated to support the cultivation of samadhi-passadhi.  The value of samadhi-passadhi in the practice of vipassana was explored.  The explanations were followed by dialogue about the supportive considerations and the value of samadhi-passadhi in daily life.  There is a post following this one containing the notes used for the evening’s discussion.  the notes include a link to a website where Richard Shankman’s book “The Experience Of Samadhi” can be downloaded free in .pdf format.  Next week’s dialogue will explore the practice of jhana.