Six Beautiful Pairs of Wholesome Mind Conditioners

The Six Beautiful Pairs of Wholesome Cetasikas represent the fulfillment of wholesomeness in the mind.  The integrated and unified functions of the Universal, Particular and seven Wholesome mind conditioning factors manifests as 12 integrated characteristics–six factors being among various aggregations of the wholesome factors and six representing their beneficial effects on consciousness.  The value of contemplating these mind conditioners comes from understanding the concepts involved, with emphasis on how to recognize them and unify their functioning to promote the process of Awakening.  During the talk, the relationship between these conditioners and the Seven Awakening Factors is clarified.


The topic for the next talk will be a review of the remaining mind conditioning factors, which represent direct realization of various elements of the Noble Eightfold Path.


Reviewing the Six Beautiful Pairs of Cetasikas

This talk reviews those qualities of awareness that are the highest development of consciousness attained through mindfulness meditation.  They represent the harmonious integration of mind conditioning functions with the flow of conscious awareness.  Each of the 12 cetasikas are reviewed with the intention to foster meditative awareness of these states of mind as they are occurring–this pairing produces a remarkable level of mental stability, lucidity and flexibility, for directly observing how the mind liberated from craving and clinging operates.  There is a recording entitled “Guided Contemplation of the Six Beautiful Pairs of Cetasikas” posted in the website archives, which is intended to integrate the concepts of this talk into meditative awareness.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  SIX-BEAUTIFUL-PAIRS-OF-WHOLESOME-CETASIKAS.docx

Here is a chart listing all 52 of the cetasikas:  CETASIKAS POSTER


Guided Alerting The Mind Meditation

This training meditation is intended to suggest ways to cultivate awareness of what are called the “Six Beautiful Pairs” of cetasikas, categories of mind that promote self-states that are free from dukkha, distress and confusion.  These qualities are manifested through thorough and persistent investigation of the cycles of breathing in and breathing out mindfully.  The pairs represent beneficial pairings of sankhara, mind conditioning factors and the mind that reflects them in awareness.  The pairs are: tranquility, lightness, pliancy, wieldiness, proficiency and uprightness.  There is an accompanying posted recording entitled “The Six Beautiful Pairs of Cetasikas–October 14, 2020” that reviews and clarifies these cetasikas, which can be found in the archive.