Mindful Decision Making

This talk expands a review of the Four Clear Comprehensions, an important Buddhist concept, that was mentioned during the talk entitled "Mindful Consumerism" on December 7, 2022 and found in this site's archives.  The Four Clear Comprehensions provides a formula for...

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Mindful Consumerism

Contemporary life is inescapably affected by sophisticated indoctrination to create a reliable population of consumers, and the Christmas season is the strongest manifestation of this conditioning.  While we can't avoid the presence of advertising, product placement...

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Mindfulness And Gratitude

This talk was recorded on Thanksgiving Eve, as it is customary for our group to have the opportunity to reflect on gratitude regarding the benefits of studying Buddhist concepts and cultivating mindfulness of breathing meditation.  Various excerpts were quoted that...

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Contemplating the Five Aggregates of Clinging

This talk continues an extensive review of the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness, focusing on a Buddhist theory of personality, the Five Aggregates of Clinging.  This concept provides a way to investigate the impersonal nature of one's subjective experience, leading to...

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Reviewing Mindfulness of Feelings

Mindfulness of Feelings is the second area of focus within the Four Foundations of Mindfulness Discourse.  During this review, the importance of understanding the way pleasant or unpleasant feelings drive thoughts and behaviors through direct observation is...

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Mindfulness of the Mind Review

The topic for this Dharma talk is the Third Foundation of Mindfulness, Cittanupassana.  During this review, the appropriate section of the discourse is described in more detail regarding various states of mind that can be known through well-developed mindful...

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The Joy Awakening Factor July 1, 2020

Piti (pee-tee) is the fourth of the seven Awakening Factors, and is typically translated as joy or rapture; another rendering is engaged enthusiastic interest regarding whatever is emerging into conscious awareness.  This characteristic of human experience is a normal...

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