Mindfulness of the Mind Review

The topic for this Dharma talk is the Third Foundation of Mindfulness, Cittanupassana.  During this review, the appropriate section of the discourse is described in more detail regarding various states of mind that can be known through well-developed mindful...

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The Joy Awakening Factor July 1, 2020

Piti (pee-tee) is the fourth of the seven Awakening Factors, and is typically translated as joy or rapture; another rendering is engaged enthusiastic interest regarding whatever is emerging into conscious awareness.  This characteristic of human experience is a normal...

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Wednesday Night Meetings

Hi Fellow Travelers--Thanks to the causes and conditions provided by the Covid-19 virus there will no assemblies in our meditation cottage until the circumstances make it safe to assemble in groups. I hope this supports and maybe even expands the outreach of the...

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Dana for a committed teacher

I have known Andy Quinn for 25 years or more; I introduced him to mindfulness of breathing meditation and he is now the founding teacher for the Lakeland Meditation Group.  Andy has registered for a one month retreat later this year at the Forest Refuge, an important...

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