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The Joy Awakening Factor July 1, 2020

Piti (pee-tee) is the fourth of the seven Awakening Factors, and is typically translated as joy or rapture; another rendering is engaged enthusiastic interest regarding whatever is emerging into conscious awareness.  This characteristic of human experience is a normal...

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Wednesday Night Meetings

Hi Fellow Travelers--Thanks to the causes and conditions provided by the Covid-19 virus there will no assemblies in our meditation cottage until the circumstances make it safe to assemble in groups. I hope this supports and maybe even expands the outreach of the...

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Dana for a committed teacher

I have known Andy Quinn for 25 years or more; I introduced him to mindfulness of breathing meditation and he is now the founding teacher for the Lakeland Meditation Group.  Andy has registered for a one month retreat later this year at the Forest Refuge, an important...

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