Reviewing Tranquility and Concentration

This talk provides a review of two of seven Awakening Factors, Tranquility and Concentration, which are so integrated in their functioning that their manifestation is called samatha (syah-mah-tah) in Pali.  Peter Carlson provides a review of each of the two, including...

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Reviewing The Investigation of Mental Phenomena

During this talk, Peter Carlson reviews Dhamma Vicaya Bojjhanga, the Investigation of Mental Phenomena Awakening Factor.  This quality of investigative curiosity, in coordination with the Mindfulness and Energy Awakening Factors, provides a primary support for the...

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Reviewing The Mindfulness Awakening Factor

During this talk, April Koester reviews the Awakening Factor of Mindfulness, the key element of the Seven Awakening Factors; this quality of conscious attention monitors the other 6 factors, supporting the effective coordination of them all in the process of Awakening.

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Reviewing The Six Sense Bases

This post reviews the Six Sense Bases: the eyes and seeing, the ears and hearing, the nose and smelling, the tongue and tasting, the sensations elsewhere in the body, along with the mind and consciousness.  During the talk, Peter Carlson focuses on the fetters, those...

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Guided Five Aggregates Contemplation

This guided meditation provides a review of the characteristics of the Five Aggregates of Clinging, which is described in the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness.  It is intended to supplement the Dharma talk of the same evening that reviews this topic.

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